What’s Inside

Introduction: A Message from the Authors

Part 1 You Need a Plan for Your Life

1             Time to Put Your Toe in The Water

2             What is “The Plan”?

3             Be Careful With The First Step

Worksheet: Your Notes: Feelings about your life

Worksheet: Things that are great about your life

Worksheet: Things that aren’t great about your life

Worksheet: Things that aren’t good about your life

4            Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

Part 2 Creating The Plan for Your Life: Time to get down to work.

5            What’s Your Purpose? Where’s Your Passion? Why Are You Here?

Worksheet: Define Your Purpose

6            SWOT: Not To Be Confused With Sealed With A Kiss

Worksheet: Your SWOT table

7            Where Do You Want To Take This Thing Called Life?

8            The Plan Takes Shape

Worksheet: Your goals and Objectives

Worksheet: Segregating your goals

Worksheet: Your key objectives

Worksheet: Your multi-year goals

9            How Are You Doing? Measuring Your Progress Against The Plan

10          The Fear: I Could Get Fired

11           Moving Forward

12          Living The Plan