The Book

Is it possible to have a great career and a great personal life?

Ever dream about how life was ‘supposed’ to be?

The Plan was written to give you all the tools you need to create a life of your dreams.

Fact: Less than 6% of all people actually plan and manage their lives.Of those who have a plan for their life, over 85% say they are satisfied with their life overall.

Compare that level of satisfaction to the rest of the population.

Or to your own life. How satisfied are you with your life?

Imagine if there was a way to learn how to create a plan for YOUR life. To become one of the 6% of people who plan and manage their lives. To become someone who says “Yes, I’m very satisfied with my life”.

There is a way and that way is The Plan. The Plan will provide you with the same concepts, tactics, tips, and tools used so effectively by most of the successful organizations in the world today and even by some very successful people.

The Plan is designed to:

  • Increase your personal satisfaction level.
  • Provide you with techniques and tips you can used immediately.
  • Give you a plan you can turn to day after day, year after year.
  • Help you experience a deeper satisfaction with who you are and how you live.
  • Accelerate your career or perhaps start a new one.
  • Focus on your personal and family lives.
  • Financial planning and management approaches to ensure a life without ‘lack’.
  • Wellness, satisfaction, and peace will become within reach and likely.

What is The Plan?

Case Study #1:A woman executive in the telecommunications industry. She wanted to get more balance in her personal life and also to move her career progress along more quickly.Within nine months of completing The Plan’s approach, she had been promoted, moved to a new city, and was making nearly twice her past income. And she says she’s enjoying more time to pursue other personal activities important to her.

What will you learn?

  • The method that’s used by some of the VERY-successful individuals (and most of the successful organizations) to start managing your future. Most people don’t have a plan and their life’s results show it!
  • How to get the right ‘balance’ in each of your three lives – business, personal, and financial.
  • How to set and manage your goals.
  • How to achieve an incredible level of satisfaction with your life.

Case Study #2:A successful business owner located in a mid-west city. Although financially well off, he was unable to enjoy his life due to the constant business demands he faced each day.  He felt unable to enjoy his family and personal time.

After a quick four months, he was able to not only step back from the day to day role he’d been ‘trapped in’ but also decided to relocate with his wife and children to new home on the west coast something he’d always wanted.