What Our Readers Are Saying

I am a huge fan of resources and inspiration that help people become their best. The Plan is a rich and realistic resource – I love the tools and unconscious “go at your own speed” that the authors generate.  The coaching as you go is a wonderful gift, as are the books referenced at the end.  It will be easy to recommend The Plan to colleagues and friends.  Thanks to Helen and John for sharing their insights and experiences. – Patti Martin, Manager of Talent Development, Winners
Buy The Plan. More importantly, use The Plan. It has helped me develop a long term plan for all phases of my life and I am better for it. Using this made me a more effective corporate executive and after I opened my own business it helped me unlock my potential as an entrepreneur. Through it all I was reminded to nurture the most important relationships in my life. If you commit to only one resolution this year make it The Plan. – F. Bucher; Founder, B6 Marketing LLC
The Plan is inspirational and timely for anyone thinking about  making life or career changes.  Filled with great stories and examples, the approach is simple, manageable and truly personal. The Plan you create belongs to you and only you. – Renee Verret, Money Coaches Canada
The Plan has been my guiding light for the last two years and I live it every day. It has provided me peace of mind, enabled me to see opportunity that I may have missed and has made me feel very successful in navigating through all aspects of my life. I also now find enjoyment in actively managing my plan and look forward to seeing what else I canaccomplish! -L.R. Wife, Mom, and Vice President, Comcast Communications
Whether you need a plan or to tweak the one you’ve got, The Plan can help you be a more spectacular you.  And who doesn’t want to be more spectacular? – Jennifer Ward, Executive Producer, Syndicate
This is a no nonsense approach that has made an enormous difference in all areas of my life. My career has flourished, my personal life has prospered, and I have been reinvigorated. Don’t miss an opportunity! – J. Rees, Executive Vice President, Encompass Digital Media