Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Plan?

How is The Plan different from other books?

I don't know anything about business so does this mean the ideas won't work for me?

You don’t need to know anything about business. We’ve used an approach that’s proven, that’s used every day in businesses across the globe so you can feel confident it will work for you. We’ve also been working with people for many years, teaching them how to use these techniques for themselves seeing first hand how well it works. We also use these same techniques ourselves and have seen our lives change for the better.

What is business planning?

Business planning is simply a plan to manage the various areas of the business to ensure the business continues to be successful.

Basic questions will be asked and answered during the planning process. Questions such as: What’s are we offering? Who are our clients? Who is the competition? How do we grow our business? What kind of money will we make? What resources are required?

Goals will be set and people will be responsible to deliver or execute certain parts of the plan. Results are measured and adjustments made. Some organizations are very formal about planning, others not so much. All successful organizations plan.

There are different approaches that business use when planning but the one we like is the planning method we used for years during our professional careers. It’s the one we used to develop the method shown in The Plan and used by organizations all over the world.

Will The Plan work for me?

Do you have a plan?

How do I find time to do all the exercises? I’m already busy?

Finding the time we need for things that are important can be challenging, we’re all busy after all. Let’s begin by saying you don’t have to spend hours at a time creating your plan. Even 10 or 15 minute blocks of time are useful.

But the truth is, you have to make a commitment to yourself and block off the time you need. There will always be something else you can do with your time. You have to decide to invest in yourself and do the work. Thankfully, the people who’ve completed their plans all found the process enjoyable.

Six months from now, you’ll look back, having created your plan and feeling on track to accomplishing your goals, seeing dramatic changes in your life and how you feel. Or you won’t.

I created my plan but I’m having trouble measuring my progress every week. Can you help?

Yes we can. On the Website, you’ll find all sorts of tips to help you keep moving forward. We…..NOT COMPLETE

What are the three key life elements?