About The Authors

John M McKee – Business life coach ,Consultant, Mentor

Since getting involved with coaching back in 1988, John has been involved in many industries and business types.  He’s led companies ranging in size from 3 person start-ups to billion dollar, national organizations with offices across North America.   In short, this man’s got experience!

The author of 2 earlier published books, “Career Wisdom – 101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Career Success” and “21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot,” John is a frequent expert guest on national television programs such as ABC Network News, NBC, and The Fox News Channel.

He appears regularly in magazines and newspapers such as Fortune, Forbes and Men’s Health, US Weekly World News and online at sites as varied as CNN/Money.com, Forbes.com, and Cosmo.com.  His weekly column for CBS Interactive is now in its 3rd year.

John works with individuals and organizations of all sizes. Associations and smaller groups invite him to help move them forward by sharing insights and guidance based on field-tested, real world advice rather than textbook theory.  (Interested in learning more? Check out our Media area.)

With over 30 years’ experience in coaching, corporate boardrooms, and executive suites John believes strongly in the importance of “balance”.  Clients learn – some for the first time  – how to get it in their life.

Looking for business tactics or answers? John works with businesses and organizations of all sizes, helping them improve the bottom line.  With a solid perspective developed as the leader of small organizations and billion dollar entities, he can helps companies and individuals improve results. John is married, has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.  He and his wife Susan, met in high school.  They’ve been together since that day back in 1969. A strong believer in the ties between health and success, Tempur-Pedic has used him as a Wellness Adviser.  He frequently advocates various forms of activity in his personal and paid blogs.

As a business life coach, John provides clients and with sound, first-hand advice, along with proven tips, tools and strategies, for fast-tracking their success and satisfaction with life overall.

A graduate Business and Executive Coach, John cites his initial interest back in college where he developed an ongoing, lifelong study in psychology, success and interpersonal relationships.

His professional affiliations include:

The prestigious Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

The International Coach Federation – the largest professional association of its kind.

The Councils of Advisers – a global network providing insight to the world’s leading investors.

World renowned futurist Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve

“John is one of those rare individuals with the right mix of well defined business acumen and human skills. I can speak volumes about his abilities to deliver ‘the goods’ on time, on budget, and as promised. I’d strongly recommend John to anyone looking for great talent.”

W.A. Casamo, past President DIRECTV

Helen Latimer – Consultant, Mentor, Writer, Volunteer.

Leveraging her expertise in business development and client management, honed during her twenty years of multi-national corporate experience, Helen opened own business consulting practice  where she helps clients to create business development and client management strategies.

Prior to founding her consulting business, Helen spent many years working in national corporations in Canada and the United States in the areas of sales, marketing, and business development. The first half of her career was spent at Hudson’s Bay Company where she was responsible for the financial management of HBC’s largest division. Most recently, she served as Vice President, Special Markets for DIRECTV where she created business models to bring the excitement of DIRECTV programming to patrons of bars, restaurants, hotels, airplanes and cruise ships.

Over the past 10 years, Helen embraced her life long love of books and reading by entering the volunteer community to share her love of reading to children. She generously spends time in local schools, reading aloud to children. Helen also founded LetsReadAloud.com to reflect her love of children’s books and serve as a resource for parents.

Helen has a sharp mind and a great ability to ask the right questions, I have benefited repeatedly from Helen’s sage advice, in part distilled from her years of senior roles in large corporations. She can grasp the heart of a situation quickly and distill its key messages succinctly –verbally or in writing.

Peter Hiddema, Founder and CEO, Common Outlook Consulting