Discover The Plan

“If you want both success and satisfaction in business, I recommend you complete these steps [the six steps outlined in The Plan] before you start any business plan.” –-Martin Zwilling, writer for and Founder and CEO of Startup Professionals

“The key, say the authors of The Plan, is that there is a misconception that being financially successful equals being satisfied. Satisfaction lies in true contentment in 3 key facets of life.  They show how.” –Ladn Nikravan, Chief Learning

“It’s never too late to get started. “I often encounter people out of work in their 50s and 60s,” explains McKee. “Even in our later decades we can reinvent ourselves.” –Chicago Tribune, Jenniffer Weigel

McKee’s and Latimer’s book is a no-nonsense approach to (critical) life skills.
–Ventura County Star, Mark Storer

“With your tips and hints, your guidance in this book, career, personal and financial can all come into play and work out well and you can be happy in all areas. You can have it all. “–Guy Farris of ABC’s News10 Sacramento

In addition to enlightening anecdotes and well-honed insights based on both authors’ personal and professional experiences, The Plan includes systematic worksheets, tools and exercises that help readers uncover and eliminate unproductive behaviours, and discern authentic feelings about their current life – the good, the bad and the ugly.” —Orlando Style’s Book Club editor Cathleen K. Bode